10 Tips To Prevent Color Fade

Tired of spending money at the salon only to have your hair color wash down the drain?

Follow these 10 tips and you will be on your way to having lasting color that won’t fade out between salon visits!

1. Always have your hair professionally colored. – Box color does not allow for your hair’s different tones and porosity. Stylists often mix up multiple formulas to achieve a balanced color.

2. Use a pH balanced and sulfate free shampoo. – Too alkaline of a shampoo (drug store brands) will fade color right out….but you already know this, right?

3. Purchase and use a professional color depositing shampoo between salon visits. – Yes this really does work! Our CelebLuxury Viral & Gem Lites are AMAZING!

4. Always use cooler water when shampooing. – Using warm/hot water will open the cuticle and allow color to fade out fast!

5. Don’t shampoo every day. – This makes a huge difference on how long your color will last. You don’t need to shampoo daily. See #6.

6. Use a dry shampoo on the days you don’t shampoo. – This is your new best friend! We recommend Indie Dry Shampoo, it’s the best, and it really works!

7. Use a thermal heat protector when styling. – Heat on your hair can dry out your hair and will open the cuticle and allow color fade. A thermal protector will also make blow drying quicker and will add shine to your hair.

8. Wear a hat or cute head wrap if you are out in the sun all day. – The sun can fade your color more quickly if you don’t protect it.

9. Watch out for tanning beds…exposure to UV light can fade out your color too. – Just cover your hair with a towel while tanning.

10. Book your hair color appointments every 4-6 weeks and show up! – If you do all of the above, your color WILL last this long!