A Word About Fashion Colors

Fashion hair colors are super trending right now. Everything from soft, pastel unicorn colors, to bright and bold rainbow colors, to everything in between!

These colors are definitely high maintenance and if you are not ready for the upkeep and the cost, you just may want to take a pass on these colorful shades.

We put together some fun facts below to help you decide if you want to jump into the colorful world of Fashion Shades.


We use Joico for our vivid and pastel fashion colors.

In order to give you optimal results, a pre-lightening service may be needed before beginning your fashion color service.

Fashion colored hair often requires many steps, possibly multiple appointments to achieve your desired results. There is no guarantee on how long or how many processes it will take to achieve your desired results. That will depend on how well your hair lifts when prelightened and also the overall condition of your hair.

Fashion colors are direct dye colors that stain the cuticle of the hair. Please be aware that these colors can transfer to skin, clothing and bedding and can even transfer after you shampoo. We recommend using darker towels when shampooing and a darker pillowcase when you sleep. (in case you go to bed with damp hair or sweat at night)

Fashion colors will FADE! Your color can fade in as little as 2 shampoos. The porosity and the overall health of your hair will determine how quickly your color may fade. We can not guarantee the longevity of this type of hair color.

Proper hair care at home is VERY IMPORTANT to extending the life of your fashion color. We always recommend purchasing a matching Viral Color Depositing Shampoo to maintain your fashion color at home and between salon visits. We can even mix you up a custom shade too!

ONLY SHAMPOO IN COOL WATER!! Warm water will fade out your color.

DO NOT use drug store products. Color will wash out immediately!!! You’ve  been warned! 🙂

DO NOT put your hair into chlorine or ocean/salt water. If you must, do it sparingly and be sure to wet your hair first and apply a heavier conditioner to coat your hair and leave in while you swim. Rinse well after swimming.

DO NOT shampoo every day. Two times a week is best. Dry shampoo is a MUST HAVE! We recommend our Indie Dry Shampoo. It’s the best $15 bucks you’ll ever spend!

Fashion colors, at times, can be difficult to completely remove from the hair. It can be a lengthy process with unpredictable results. In some instances you may need to go a shade darker to color over your fashion color.

A minimum of 3-4 hours is usually required for a fashion color appointment.

Fashion colors start at $200+ (this includes ONE lightening process prior to applying the color and ONE application of a single color) If more processes or colors are used/required, those will be a separate charge.

Each additional batch of color is $20.

Sound good? Then pick a color…and then get ready to turn heads this summer with some amazing new hair!

Call us for an appointment today. 🙂