Braid-In Dreadlock FAQ’s

What are braid-in dreadlock extensions?

Braid-in dreadlock extensions are synthetic temporary or semi permanent hair extensions that are individually braided into your hair and secured with a small elastic hair tie. This is repeated throughout specific sections or the full head depending on the style that is desired.

These dreadlocks can typically stay in anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months depending on the method used for install.


Will braid-in dreadlocks damage my hair?

No, dreadlocks will not damage your hair, if installed correctly. 

The only time where you should think about damage at all is when you go to remove the dreads, after weeks or possibly months of having them installed. You will see some hair loss. Rest assured, there is a reason behind this.

Naturally, you lose about 100 strands of hair each day ~ everyone does. When you have these dreadlocks braided in, your hair still naturally falls out, the only difference is now they have nowhere to go. They become trapped in the braid that is holding your dreadlock in place.

Needless to say, if you leave these dreadlocks installed for 2 months, you will end up combing out chunks of hair. DON’T WORRY! This is natural. 


Can I wash my hair with braid-in dreadlocks installed?

Yes! You can still wash your hair with synthetic dreadlocks installed. In the first few days after install, these dreadlocks will “train” your hair, meaning that your hair will gradually get less oily / greasy looking and your hair will need to be washed less frequently. We recommend washing your hair once a week when your hair is trained enough for you to feel comfortable with doing so.

There are a few methods to washing your hair with braid-in dreadlocks installed. One method involves using a squeeze bottle with half shampoo, half water and squeezing the mixture onto your scalp directly. You can do this without the squeeze bottle as well, and just use the shampoo directly, by starting with a small amount on your fingers, rubbing them together and then massaging it into your scalp.

With both options, you want to make sure you are really scrubbing that shampoo in there. No need to waste shampoo and scrub all the way down the length of the dreadlocks, but if you have a section that got dirty you can of course go in and spot clean that section. When you rinse the shampoo out, the shampoo will go throughout the length of your dreadlocks and will give it a nice refresh. We recommend rinsing your hair for a good 3-5 minutes to really ensure that you get out all of that shampoo.

DO NOT use a conditioner, as this will make your dreadlocks slip. To dry them, wring them out using a large microfiber towel for about 5 minutes, squeezing out as much water as you possibly can. Keep in mind that dreadlocks hold water like a sponge so when you’re in the shower they will become heavy, and will stay heavy until you wring them out. 

Be sure that you blot dry the dreadlocks thoroughly until they are at least 70% dry so that they do not mildew. 


How do I sleep with braid-in dreadlocks installed? 

This truly depends on how you want your dreadlocks to look when you wake up. For a clean, more “put together” look, you can sleep with your dreadlocks up in a bun with a scarf wrapped around your roots, or a bonnet on top holding it all together.

For a more messy look, you can sleep with them loose and let them do their own thing. This is also a way for the braided parts to kind of thicken up a bit in appearance. When they do this it kind of masks the braid itself more making the experience a little more natural looking. Be sure to not sleep on your dreadlocks while they are wet.


How long does it take to install a set of braid-in dreadlocks?

 This question depends on a few factors. How long is your hair? Are you installing a full set or a partial set? Do you have an undercut or side shave? Generally an install could take anywhere from 1 hour to 6 hours.


How long do synthetic dreadlocks last?

Depending on at home maintenance, synthetic dreads can last 6 months to a year. 


More questions? Just contact us at 216-236-6940 and one of our team members will be happy to help you.