Hair 101

Everyone needs a little hair TLC every now & then. Below you will find some handy tips on how you can keep your hair looking & feeling it’s best all year round.

First off, DON’T shampoo everyday.
Shampooing every day can strip away too much of your hairs natural oils. Give your hair a break and skip the shampoo for a day or two. Instead, use a dry shampoo. Dry shampoo will not only absorb any oils on your scalp, it will also give your hair some added texture and lift. We have several brands at our salon to choose from. They all work great. It’s just a matter of which scent you like best.

Got some heavy-duty product build up in your hair?
Pre-shampoo with some of our R+Co Acid Wash. It can be applied as a pre-shampoo treatment to help break through product residue and oils that accumulate on your scalp. It will leave your hair squeaky clean and primed for your second shampoo. It’s also safe for color treated hair too!

Just use shampoo at your roots and the mid-shafts of your hair.
That’s where it really needs it. Your root and mid-shaft area is where oils, sweat and product build up accumulate. When you go to rinse out your shampoo, it will cleanse the ends of your hair shaft just enough and keep your ends from getting dried out.

Avoid silicones, sulfates, and parabens in your shampoo and conditioner.
Sulfates can strip your hair of natural oils, drying out your hair. Silicones coat your hair and weigh it down. Look for shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate, paraben and silicone-free. We have plenty at our salon to choose from and would be happy to show you some.

Wear fashion colors or reds?…you MUST use a color depositing shampoo/conditioner!
A color depositing shampoo or conditioner or both are a MUST HAVE if you wear fashion hair colors or reds! Please don’t spend all that money at the salon for an amazing color and go home and wash it all down the drain! You won’t be happy with us or your hair. Protect your investment and use the proper home care for your hair color.

Blondes, don’t forget to take home some Milk_Shake Silver Shine shampoo to keep your blonde color from going brassy!

Always rinse and condition your hair in cool water.
Especially if you color your hair! We can’t stress that enough. Cool water helps close down your cuticle, seal in hair color, moisture and shine. Plus it feels nice and refreshing on your scalp!

Avoid breakage at all costs!
Don’t brush your hair when it’s super wet. Gently towel dry first and use a Wet Brush or a detangling comb for your comb out. Start at the bottom of your hair and work upwards. This will prevent any tangles you may have from becoming a huge knot at the bottom/ends of your hair and will avoid tearing or breaking your hair.

Try sleeping on a silk pillowcase.
Silk pillowcases are soft on your hair when you’re tossing and turning all night, so they can help save your style for the next day. Plus they keep your head cool if you tend to get sweaty at night. 🙂

Take a break from the hot tools.
Heat styling tools can dry and damage your hair if it is exposed to heat constantly. Take a break and let your hair air dry, or put it in a cute braid for the day. If you are going to style your hair with a hot tool, make sure you use a good thermal heat protectant spray before applying the heat.

If you’re a swimmer, condition your hair BEFORE getting in the water.
Avoid chlorine or salt water damage by wetting your hair and adding a good amount of conditioner to your damp hair and leave it in while you swim. Your hair will not absorb as much chlorine or salt water and it will help your hair from becoming dried out, discolored or damaged.

Remember, it’s always best to shower and shampoo after swimming and use a good conditioner afterwards to wash off all the chlorine or salt water from your hair. Our Milk_Shake Leave-In Conditioner is the perfect treat for your hair after a day in the sun.

For more hair tips and other salon happenings, be sure to keep an eye on the Salon Buzz section of our website. 🙂