Keep Your Color Vibrant

Keep your hair color fresh & vibrant in between salon visits!

The struggle is definitely REAL, trying to keep your hair color from fading.

That is until now…

If you color your hair, BE SURE to take one of our CelebLuxury color depositing shampoos or conditioners home with you.

We can guarantee 100% if you leave the salon with one of these, and use regularly in between your salon visits, your color WILL LAST and look just as rich & vibrant as it did when we colored it.

They come in a wide variety of shades, from vivids to pastels to rich gem tones for all natural shades. We can even custom mix you a special, one of a kind color if you need a shade that isn’t already bottled.

If you invest $$$ in coloring your hair…protect your investment with one of these products!

They really DO WORK!!!

Ask your stylist about it!

Viral & Gem Lites Shampoo: $35
Viral or Gem Lites Conditioner: $40