Milk_Shake Sweet Camomile

Just when you thought Milk_Shake products couldn’t get any better, along comes Sweet Camomile…

A shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray all toting the fresh fragrance of camomile flowers and honey.

It actually kind of smells like a freshly picked dandy lion dipped in honey, but hey…whatever it smells like, we think it smells delicious!

The Sweet Camomile Shampoo is a delicate, revitalizing shampoo made especially for blonde hair. It’s formulated to revive highlights and enhance the brilliance and luminosity of blonde hair. The camomile extract and organic honey in its formula softens the hair and leaves it feeling silky smooth and shiny.

The Sweet Camomile Conditioner is a paraben-free revitalizing conditioner that softens and detangles.

The Sweet Camomile Leave-In spray is specifically formulated to moisturize and give your hair greater manageability.

This trio of products works best when used together, but feel free to mix it up with your other Milk_Shake favorites!

Also gentle enough to use on children. 🙂