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Test Your Makeup IQ

How much do you really know about makeup?
Are you a pro or just a beginner?
Test your knowledge…take this fun quiz to find out!


What is the most ideal face shape?

What is this technique called?

Where is the best place to test out foundation?

Which word best describes this red lip color?

What type of eyeliner is this?

What do you call this style of eye makeup?

What area would you not apply bronzer to?

When applying false eyelashes...

This is an example of...

What color would you use to correct redness?

What is this tool used for?

What type of lip color is this?

Which goes on first?

What color makes brown eyes pop?

What type of brush is this?

How often should you clean your makeup brushes?

What's the difference between a concealer and a corrector?

You should always apply makeup on...

What does pumping the mascara wand do?

Lining the waterline of your eyes is called?