To Shampoo…Or Not To Shampoo

I already know what you’re going to say: “I have to shampoo my hair everyday or it gets really oily.” What if I told you that your hair is “so oily” BECAUSE you shampoo it everyday?

Let’s compare your scalp to a cute baby kitten. If you were to take away its daily source of water, naturally they will try to replace it. Another natural reaction would be to overcompensate and replace it with too much, and fear that they won’t get any more.

Now replace that scenario with the oils on your scalp. The more you shampoo or strip away, the more oil it needs to reproduce. So, in reality, the more you shampoo that precious scalp of yours, the greater amounts of oil you will produce.

I challenge you to slowly start skipping the shampoo a day here and there throughout the week. Take a boar bristle brush and help distribute those oils to the ends of your hair. You’ll start to find that your hair is more manageable and essentially less maintenance. Don’t forget about your trusty friend, DRY SHAMPOO, on those “skip days”. Soon, you could be saying “I only shampoo my hair twice a week!”

We have an amazing selection of Dry Shampoo’s. Feel free to stop in to the salon and test them out. 🙂

By: Dana King