What A Difference A Decade Makes

Just like hairstyles and fashions come and go, so does design and decor.

When we decided to make the move to a new location, we knew we had to make it even bigger and better than our last space. We needed to create that “wow” factor again.

The place we chose to call our new home was in MUCH need of a makeover!

Like something out of the 1980’s, it was super dated and the only thing we managed to salvage from it was a handy little black magazine rack and a couple ceiling fans. (luckily for us they were already black)

We had to undergo a major renovation to create a new space that would rival our last one.

We finished with the renovation in record time, (thanks to some really amazing contractors and our super-nice, new landlord) and we did a complete remodel including:

  • all new flooring
  • tile work
  • paint
  • tore down walls
  • built new walls
  • added a three-sided crystal rock fireplace
  • installed lots of ambient lighting
  • complete bathroom remodel
  • installed a complete sound system (for our awesome music)
  • added three more stations (and hired three more amazing stylists to fill them)

Then we had to glam it up with all the finishing touches.

We are really happy in our new space and we hope you love it as much as we do!

We made a little photo collage so you can see some of the before and afters…enjoy!